Katarsa (heliocentrism) wrote in blades_edge,

The physician wants me to see a therapist. But this a note to everyone I know.

Am I not allowed to be upset or sad? Did it -ever- occur to any of you that something is the matter, even if I don't quite know it? So what, if I'm not like the others, who parade their depression like some favorite outfit. I can still be in trouble. I can -hate- bleeding, don't assume I'm like you. Or they. Please don't think I am grateful for the slicing and the blood and the anger. I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm not sure if I'll ever be completely okay, even though I don't know why. How easy would it be to end this all? But no, nothing is the matter. I am too happy, too cheerful, too innocent to be sad for very long. If I don't have a reason, it doesn't matter, right? ...This is my cry for help.
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