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Hi, im new here to this group so i thought i would introduce myself 1st. I started when i was in 6th grade, idky then i was bored one day. But then my life when down hill, with what started going on at my house, in the summer going into 7th grade my parents divorced. I went on a cutting frenzy. In 7th grade so much shit started i couldnt tell who was my frnd, and alot of em cut because they think its cool i h8 that, i told em also. Then i started thinking my dad is gay idk if he is tho, but im pretty sure. Thats too much for my to handle, i cut evn more after that
Over the year things got much much worse and then came summer, i stopped for about 3 months but i then started again, i want to stop tho, i just dont kno how, my closet frnd is the only i can turn to now, she relates to me. I am now 14 and in 8th grade. Idk who to trust and who is my frnd. I hatve trust issues. I suffer from anixity, depression. I go to c a shrink, she does no good. I started hearing voices in my head 2 months ago and they havent stopped it scares me. My grandpa died almost 2 weeks ago, we were close. so i cut myself way worse then i havent stopped at all none stop. Ik i need help but its addicting.
Srry if im ranting on but this is me, so there ya go
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