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Hey, I'm new here.. I've been having a rough week. I started cutting when I was 15, and I've been cutting ever since. I took up smoking and that really helped me not cut for awhile, but now I'm out of cigs and I have the urge to cut more than ever.
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if you want to talk my aim is midntecinderella
and my yahoo is midntecinderella
Thanks, though my computer is a bit too old to have yahoo or aim, they dont work on it very well.
well then just message me here im on almost everyday
Awesome, thanks =)
It's not the end of the world if you do cut, but do you think it's the depression or withdrawal that makes you want to cut right now? It does often help to have something to *do* instead of just thinking of what you can't. Do you have anything like that?
I think it's a combination of both. Ya, I clean when i have nothing to do, so I spent all day yesterday cleaning the house XD At least the house is spotless
That's great :) Exercise, music and art are also great options. I put on cheerful music and make scented bath salts, resort to playing rock band, run on the elliptical, or try to get together with friends when the urge hits. Anything to take my mind off of it, really.
Thats pretty creative of you. Most of my friends are cutters, so I try not to hang out with them when I get the urge. Lately I've been hanging out with a bunch of new guys I met XD